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Founded in 1991, Videosystem created an original and innovative automatic video dispenser that, in a few years, revolutionized the home entertainment market in Europe. Many thousands of kiosks later, Videosystem entered the US market in 2003.
The once-small company, with its 10 employees, soon became an industry giant, known worldwide and represented in 25 countries. Videosystem can now rely on the cooperation of a team of employees, technicians and distribution partners. With more than 10,000 installed dispensers, 1,500 in the US, every day millions of customers enjoy the experience of a Videosystem dvd kiosk. With the aim of continually innovating and developing its products, Videosystem has, over the years, invested in Research and Development to produce the most advance, reliable kiosk available. Our robotics are unmatched; we invite your to compare our capacity and delivery speed with any kiosk in the industry. At Videosystem we bring creativity, technology and service together to satisfy every request of our global clientele.
dvd kiosks
dvd rental machine
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VIDEOSYSTEM Srl via Lago di Albano 45, 36015 Schio (VI) ITALY, Tel: +39 0445 500 500 www.videosystem.it