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Videosystem has designed and developed an extremely powerful and flexible Web-based management application known as the Phoenix.
The owner/operator can get in real time information, statistics or graphs detailing the performance of a kiosk or a network of thousands of kiosks - on any device able to access the web (Flash plug-in is required) including hand-held devices and smart phones.
The software is organised on SQL databases, so it can easily manage huge quantities of information coming from a network of thousands of kiosks. The communication software is a dedicated product developed by VS just for DVD kiosks networking.
The architecture of the software platform allows the implementation of customised applications and can support the most modern and interesting features:

RETURN ANYWHERE: End user can rent a DVD in a kiosk and he can return it in any other kiosk of the same network.
INTERNET RESERVATION SOFTWARE: The software has been designed in order to collect and transfer information in real time, so the customer can search for a movie in any kiosk of the network or can search the movies available in a specific kiosk. Then he can reserve the movie just entering his own credit card number. The transaction is extremely secure because the payment page is managed by one of the most reliable American Credit Card Providers.
PROMO CODE: End user can digit a code before collecting his movie and he can immediately get a promotion.
RECEIPT BY EMAIL : End user can receive a receipt by eMail just entering his own eMail address at the kiosk.

dvd kiosks

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